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Holocaust Museum Tour

You are invited to join a group tour of the Dallas Holocaust Museum. Tour is limited to 10 people and will be Monday afternoon, May 22nd from 2-4 PM. The tour will be led by our own Winnie Hinson of Epiphany. The cost of the tour is $19 dollars, $17 for seniors.

Parking is available across the street for a fee. The address is 300 N. Houston Street, Dallas. Rides are available. Contact Winnie at 469-774-8708 or for more information.

The mission of the museum is to teach the history of the Holocaust and advance human rights to combat prejudice, hatred and indifference. Included in the ticket is a Dimensions in Testimony theater in which guests can interact with a 3D hologram of a Holocaust survivor. With DFW having one of the largest Jewish populations in the US, this experience will help us pray for them with greater understanding.


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