ONWARD Building Project

ONWARD Phase One Progress - December 2016

ONWARD - Phase One - Completion - December 2016

ONWARD Building Project

Click the image to the left to learn more about our Onward Building Project and how it will impact our parish. This is an inspiring look at where we have been, and, most importantly, where we are called to be.

About Our Church

The word “epiphany” (e-PIFF-an-ee) means “appearance” or “a sudden new understanding of the essential nature of something.” At the Church of the Epiphany, we believe that in Jesus Christ, God has appeared to humanity. Even more, we gather in order that we, as individuals and as a community might have ‘epiphanies’ in our own lives—new and deeper understandings of God, his love for us and his purpose for our lives. As a parish community, we are committed to our vision to be “Servants for God, our parish and the community”. Jesus reminds us that as we serve others, especially ‘the least of these my brothers and sisters’, we encounter and serve Jesus himself. We invite you to join us. Come visit us for worship on Sunday. View More