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Save the Date for Epiphany Progressive Dinner

What is it?

The Progressive Dinner is a fun evening of fellowship that includes a wonderful three-course dinner. Everyone who participates will visit two different homes during the evening and everyone will come together at the church for dessert.

How does it work?

This evening has three stops—one for the appetizer course, one for the main course, and one for dessert. For the appetizer course, you will be with approximately 16-18 people, in someone’s home, to kick off the evening.

After an hour, you travel to your next stop. For the main course, you will be among eight people at a different home from the one where you had the first course. There will also be different folks with you at this stop.

After the main course, everyone travels to Epiphany where we will enjoy dessert together, have fun talking with each other about our travels for the evening, and sharing fellowship with the other diners.

Each person or couple will either act as a host or co-host for one of the courses. If you are a host, you provide your home and some of the food and beverage for that course. If you are a co-host, you provide most of the food and beverage for that course.

It is as easy as one, two, three.


Decide if you want to be a host or a co-host. You are a host or co-host for only one course. Here are details of the duties for each part:

Appetizer Host—provides home for 16-18 guests for appetizers. Helps with food and beverage. Provides nametags for their guests.

Appetizer Co-Hosts—provide majority of food and beverage for appetizer course.

Main Course Host—provides home for 8 guests for dinner. Prepares salad for the meal.

Main Course Co-Host—provides entrée and side items for eight persons.

Dessert Hosts—Provide dessert and coffee at Epiphany for the whole group, clean up afterwards.


Sign up for your preference. Childcare will be provided at the church. We will offer assistance if you need help with transportation, or if you don’t want to drive at night. Approximately two weeks before the Progressive Dinner, all participants will receive information about their three steps—who your partner(s) is(are) for the course you provide as well as where you go for all three courses.


Coordinate with your partner(s), and have a great evening!

Why should I participate?

. A)  It is lots of fun.

. B)  You get to spend a terrific evening with fellow Epiphanites.

. C)  You get to meet some folks you may not know as well as spend time with longtime friends.

. D)  You enjoy a delicious meal in three parts.

. E)  It is lots of fun.

When is it?

Save the date for Saturday, September 24!

What do I do for now?

Mark September 24 on your calendar. Sign up to participate.


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