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New Candle Bank

If you attended church recently you may have been surprised by the beautiful candle bank at the back of our church. Canon Neal blessed it last Sunday during the service. Here is information from Susan Fixler about the candle bank.

"The candle bank was made in Mexico for the Frisco home of Heidi and Philip Verges, the daughter, and son-in-law of Susan and David Fixler, many years ago. It held a center-stage location in their dining area for a long time — about 15-16 years. They have recently moved into a different house and Heidi said, “Mom, I really don’t have a place for it now; would you like it?” I told her I did not have room for it. She said, “Aren’t you looking for one for Epiphany?” I told her we were, and she suggested they donate it to the church. Philip said yesterday, “It looks much better here in the church in that perfect location than it ever did in our house. It definitely belongs here.” So, in spite of the fact that Canon Neal gave David and me credit yesterday morning, it was really Heidi and Philip who gave it."

Father Chris will be sharing information and directions for using this gift in the coming weeks.


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