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Episcopal Singles Network

Join us on FRIDAY November 11TH from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at The Episcopal Church of Epiphany in Richardson, 421 Custer Rd. Richardson, TX 75081 in the Parish Life Center.

Dinner, Clue and Games

This is a singles group to be opened to all single over the age of twenty-one. This group can meet monthly. My thoughts are that the group will meet as a large group and then can break into smaller age groups. My initial thoughts for groups are 21— 44, 45—64, and 65—99. I know my kids in their twenty’s prefer to hang out with others close to their age. These groups could be set up to have bible studies, go try new restaurants, movies, or other activities. The meetings of the larger group could include dances, parties, and travel. Perhaps a divorce or widow/widower group can also be formed. I feel that the Holy Spirit will guide this group to be what it is supposed to be.

PLEASE RSVP by November 9th to ANDREA ROBERTS at 214-686-3641 or

This group is sponsored by The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Richardson, TX.


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