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All Saints & All Souls

This Saturday and Sunday, November 5 & 6, we will celebrate the Feast of All Saints in which we celebrate the great assembly of Saints who are recognized for their virtuous living and heroic faith. "All Saints’ Day is classed, in the Prayer Book of 1979, as a Principal Feast, taking precedence of any other day or observance. Among the seven so classified, All Saints’ Day alone may be observed on the following Sunday, in addition to its observance on its fixed date. It is one of the four days recommended in the Prayer Book (page 312) for the administration of Holy Baptism.

All Souls' Day is an optional observance in the Episcopal Church. "Beginning in the tenth century, it became customary to set aside another day—as a sort of extension of All Saints—on which the Church remembered that vast body of the faithful who, though no less members of the company of the redeemed, are unknown in the wider fellowship of the Church. It was also a day for particular remembrance of family members and friends." (Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2006, 436,438).

As we celebrate All Saints, we acknowledge the tradition of All Souls and remember, in the Prayers of the People, all our Epiphany faithful who have died in the past year. (This would include those who have died from November 1, 2021 to November 1, 2022) These names will be spoken in the prayers.

In addition, we will print the names of those loved ones and friends of Epiphany members who have died in the last year in the bulletin.

Click here to submit a name.


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