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A Farewell Message from Mother Betsy

Dear Epiphany Faithful,

This week has been a whirlwind as we have prepared for worship, annual meeting, and to celebrate thirteen years of ministry together. I have so much to say about what I have encountered as we served together: countless stories of love, laughter, tears, and joy all shared for the sake of the Body of Christ and the Gospel. I cannot express it all here, but I pray you have a glimpse of my love and gratitude for you and for Epiphany.

Epiphany is home. Everyone is welcome. Our home is with God and the Spirit abides at Epiphany. As I have said before, I know that I can bring anyone to Epiphany trusting that they will encounter hospitality and the love of Christ.

Epiphany is a place of transformation. Encountering Christ necessarily means our lives will change. I have witnessed so many instances of healing and spiritual growth here. It is clear that we are all in need of the saving love of Christ. Whatever our struggle, there is someone who relates and is ready and willing to “get real” about similar challenges and to seek God’s healing together. It is wonderful to witness and even more wonderful to experience. Thank you for walking with me, for getting real with me, and encouraging me to grow in Christ.

Epiphany is ready for action. There is a God-given boldness and joy that animates Epiphany and leads to innovation and adventure for the sake of the Gospel. It is why we grew in faith and in numbers during the pandemic. It has led us to begin the Epiphany School this fall and to start Bible Studies in the Wylie area for a future church plant. Your joy in participating in God’s mission is attractive and contagious. New folks see it, and you all are quick to invite them to experience it with you.

Oh how I will miss you all. You have taught me so much. I promise to share freely with others all you have shared with me: your hospitality, your humbling and authentic friendship, your courage to seek God’s will boldly, but most importantly, your love.

In Christ,



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