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Annual Church Election

Who are we voting for?

  • Vestry Members – 4 open positions

  • Diocesan Convention Delegates – 5 open positions

  • Nominating Committee Members – 2 open positions

How can I learn more about the candidates?

Read about each candidate in the Candidate Profile Booklet here or pick one up in Servants Hall.

2023 Candidate Profile Booklet
Download • 409KB

Watch the vestry interview videos.

Can anyone vote?

  • Must be 18 years old

  • Communicant in Good Standing – (Confirmed Member of Epiphany)

How do I vote?

  • Mail a ballot to the church.

  • Vote in Person - Servants Hall Gathering Area

  • Drop your ballot off at any church service.

Where do I get a ballot?

  • The last page of the Candidate Profile Booklet contains a tear-out ballot.

  • Or print a ballot here.

2023 Ballot
Download • 65KB


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